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Recording Ignite Online Training: Step 3 - Break Bread

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Recording Ignite Online Training: Step 3 - Break Bread

The steps to ignite a Jesus movement are: Pray, Meet people, Make disciples, Gather them into churches, and Multiply churches! This Ignite focuses on Step 3: Make disciples. As we make disciples who obey everything Jesus commanded (Matt 28:20), we need to know what He commanded! As we discover the Seven General Commands of Jesus, we will focus this session on Jesus’ command to break bread. CB Newell writes, “I wrote a book on the act of communion because I kept puzzling over the difference between what we see experienced by believers in the New Testament, and what happens in most churches today.” This session will encourage every believer to approach breaking bread with commitment (to obey the command), creativity (in form and setting), and connecting believers with one another as well as our Lord. We’ll examine traditions like only having communion with an ordained leader and keeping children from partaking in the light of Scripture. This session should increase your expectancy for what’s possible when we come together and remember our Lord the way He told us to.

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