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CPx (Summer 2023)

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Church Planting Experience, Summer 2023

Church Planting Experience (CPx) is designed to teach you the heart of simple church planting. CPx teaches how to plant basic, essential churches that are easy to teach locals to lead. Because we teach the core of the Christian message, these churches rapidly multiply through people groups!

Summer CPx will be offered in Kansas City, MO

June 11- July 1, 2023

To Apply: Please sign up to receive an application using the form on this page. You will be contacted shortly with a full application for your completion.

Cost (to be paid after application is approved):

Individual Adult: $2000
Adult Married Couple: $3000
Kids (0-12): $300 for first child and $100 for each additional child.
Teens (13-17): $500

More Information: Please contact